Unique PANNart ceramics products 


The PANNart brand was founded in 2012 in Slovenia, in the village of Dobrovnik. Under the name PANNart ceramics Design, create and produce decorative ceramic unique products, personalized custom products and useful products. Each piece made is original, carefully crafted, and traces of handmade are visible. Therefore, each following is slightly different from the previous one.

Unique products PANNart ceramics are made with a love of detail. Vases Not only are they a great decorative item on the shelves, they also have a wonderful function, presenting a bouquet of flowers on the table. Fresh flowers always bring new energy to your home environment. Sometimes it is enough to refresh your living space to afford a new piece of decorative product and put it in a prominent place.

In the diverse range of online store offerings PANNart ceramics you also find flower pot in different sizes and shapes. Elegant a ceramic dish will emphasize the character of the potted flowers and give a dot to i when furnishing the rooms. Such a piece of container will certainly attract the view of visitors.

The containers are also a great place to collect small items. Small decorative elements will enrich the empty corners, hide the tiny rattles and create a pleasant atmosphere.

All our products are made in Slovenia from natural materials. Everything is natural, authentic, homey and warm. Unique products enrich every home, enrich life. Careful design creates individualized accessories as well as useful ceramic home products.

Unique online store products PANNart ceramics they are a great gift. Exceptional ceramic products save moments of special occasions in life. Painted vases have proven to be the most successful, where hand-painted paintings in the vase wall record important moments.

The love of pottery Timea and Matii have been cultivating for many years. Timea loved ceramics during her college years, and for Matthias, making ceramics has been one of her greatest passions for many years. The products are therefore made with special care and are the result of years of experience. Read more about their mission here.