Mali cvetlični lonček PANNdora
Small flower pot of PANNdora

A name for a flower pot Pandora we borrowed from a Greek goddess who originated from land and water. The gods, however, endowed her with heavenly beauty. A small flower pot Pandora is the smallest size from a triple set of flower pots Pandora..

A small flower pot Pandora it is archaically designed but still looks very modern. With three legs, it is slightly raised from the ground, which adds to its height. The handles on the side of the pot are also sophisticated, as well as the embossed decorative elements give the dish a special charm.

Product Data:

  • Material: ceramic
  • Color: white
  • Height: approx. 12 cm
  • Volume: ca 1100 ml
  • Dobvljivo v 3-5 weeks
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