Autumn home decoration with unique PANNart ceramic products

We have a beautiful sunny and warm autumn this year. Here and there, we may be surprised by some foggy morning or cloudy day, but this is the nature and the true autumn must also be foggy. When we look out the window we see that the trees have changed their cover, there is a huge amount of beautiful yellow, red and orange. Autumn apartment decoration is ideal for enriching your living space. . . Combine beautiful autumn colors with our ceramics! . In the fall, PANNart ceramics is also entering new… Read More

Bathroom accessories in another function

Today, after quite a long time, I got together with a friend of mine who I had not seen for a very long time and we spent a really nice morning, which extended a little after noon. Bathroom accessories have been given a new feature and photos of our work have been created with a nice chat. . We found out that we both use jewelry collectors, you know where you just put your jewelry away when you get out of work. For this purpose, I use my right size soap container. … Read More

Pomurje gallop will receive cups with Prekmurje embroidery motifs / A Muravidéki Vágta serlegeire muravidéki motívumokat hímeztünk

Ceramic Cups for Pomurje Gallop will be re-produced by PANNart (Slovenian record). This year, Matty and I were given the honorable task of producing a trophy for the Pomurje gallop. As every year, we enthusiastically make these specific products for the participants and for the winners of the horse races. The latter will qualify for the final appearance in Budapest this September. Together with the organizers, we decided to come up with Matty Vases in three sizes that are suitable for each listing. . … Read More

Retro secrets of Grandma's home decor accessories

We visited our grandmother and were surprised at the entrance by a bouquet of red ornamental poppy. We strolled through the memories of her youth and were inspired by an authentic retro ambience. Her retro home decor accessories were part of her story…. We had a vase with us. Of course, we had two vases with us, you know, without a vase there is no bouquet. We left the ceramic vase Long with flowers at the entrance on the bench, from where our grandmother had a kind smile… Read More

How to brighten up a rustic ambiance with elegant home decor accessories?

Do you want a little "fresh breeze" in your kitchen? . Well, then you can quickly rearrange it with simple grips and create a cozy atmosphere in it. You just need a few flower pots of the same color, preferably white, they can be different sizes, just keep the design the same. Repeating the same design several times is not annoying if you have several similar objects set up in a smaller space. Below you can learn more about the versatility of PANNart ceramics products. . If a ceramic flower pot of the same design… Read More