Big vase LONG


Product Data:

  • Material: ceramic
  • Color: white
  • Height: 29 cm


The large Long vase measures 29 inches in height. It is the second, larger vase in the Long vase collection. You can put flowers with longer petioles in it. It was named after its elongated shape. Its simplicity and elegant design will perfectly fit into your space. Carefully crafted details give it a particularly elegant touch. The basic geometric shapes of which it is made, make it very special and leave you free to decorate it to your liking.

The careful hands of the makers have added to the vase sophisticated decorative elements that give the vase a special charm. Because of its simplicity but sophistication, your guests will also notice it quickly. The simple elongated shape and interesting handles on the neck of the vase allow you to move the vase more easily. This will help you easily determine where your vase will look best.

PANNart ceramics vases are made of ceramics and this is fired at high temperatures in a special ceramic oven. The second brandy is given a special glaze, which gives the products the characteristic properties of ceramics. The Long vase comes in two sizes.

You can enrich any space with a vase. You don't have to put it on the table. You can play around and integrate it into your space in a slightly different way. Always fresh flowers will perfectly match the white color of the vase. White is neutral, so you can play around with your decorating skills at will. You can decorate a vase, or play around with different colors of flowers. The large Long vase is the perfect choice for your space. To encourage work, you can also place it near the desk for change. This way, you will rest your eyes on fresh cut flowers while working on your computer. In the gray weather, cut flowers are also a lot of space. You just have to play around with different combinations to bring freshness to your home.